Wednesday, 5 August 2015

All things New York City |

Compulsory must see's in New York City!  - in no particular order...

High line see the creative side of the city, as well as some pretty mint views. It's an old train track restored into a park above the city, great idea for a quick picnic.

Statue of liberty - obviously the most iconic landmark.

See a musical on broadway! A real dream of mine since I was a little girl. Some advice on what not to do. Do not leave it last minute and leave a generous portion of cash for this when budgeting. Even better don't sleep in, go into times square early, line up and get discount tickets from a red booth. Do not buy tickets off randoms off the street, like I did, then be worried that they are fake. When put on the spot say no and don't be stingy spend that extra money to not feel stressed out in line up until you reach inside the theatre, when only then are you excited. Yup, I screwed up. At least I was lucky enough to have real tickets and was able to watch the most magical musical Finding Netherland. As I lived the fairytale, watching with my own Peter Pan, such a spectacular performance! To Peter's surprise he actually also enjoyed it a little too much. Worth every cent and stress. A definite highlight!

Museum of Sex is a must see! lots of quirky facts, lots of exhibits and interactive activities, my favourite being the bouncy boobie castle!

Central Park, bigger than you can ever can spend day here and never get bored. I definitely needed a map to ensure not getting lost. I must say I would have loved to spend more time here. I experienced the cliche horse and carriage ride with Peter for our anniversary, which was absolutely amazing I felt like a princess a truly majestical moment. A couple of tips do not go to the park at night especially alone its quiet scary. Also if you have time take a free walking tour, to ensure you don't get lost, meet some new people and learn some cool things.

Brooklyn Bridge, walk across for some fresh air and cool pictures. The nearby piers always have something happening to ensure your never bored in this alive city. From skating rinks, to amazing food,  tonnes of basketball courts, canoeing and groovy outdoor pool. Dope place to spend a hot day.

Central Station, I've seen in one too many movies, so amazing to see in real life. A little secret....Try out the whispering wall to my surprise it actually works!

9/11 memorial, Honouring the lives of those who were lost. Occupying eight of the 16 acres at the World Trade Center, The memorial is a tribute to the past and a place of hope for the future. 

I defiantly recommend going to the Bronx Zoo, its huge with a full day of fun. If it's super hot so get a unlimited slushy cup and try my favourite pina colada!

Little Italy a cute little place streets of amazing cheap Italian food and stalls. I enjoyed it most at night after a few glasses of wine and pretty lights.

Walmart, all of us foreigners have seen it in movies, but in person it is so much bigger. If you want to go to one place for literally everything and a bargain, Walmart has you sorted, with most stores having an instore McDonalds and even selling alcohol and guns!

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